Course Preview

Welcome to the class Blog documenting ART397 EXHIBITION PROCESSES, an experimental course introducing students at Agnes Scott College to the theory and practice of mounting exhibitions and attendant programming in the Dalton Gallery during the spring of 2017. Students learn by doing, deconstructing the steps that go into creating a show in order to examine the various components and professional skills through assignments, field trips and guest lecturers. We work as collaborative team for making the exhibitions successful, including programming design, documentation and mounting of the shows.

The 2017 Showing Thinking Exhibition represents the summit of our exploration this year. The sixth in an ongoing series of exhibitions this one marks the first year in which the show was conceived and mounted entirely by students enrolled in ART397. Each of the five students were matched with a participant in the exhibition. The process included conducting extensive interviews, reading/editing statements, participating in the staging of photo sessions and ultimately conceiving the visual artifacts represented in Dana Gallery. In addition the students worked collaboratively to create something communal and larger than each individual’s contribution. They have impressed me with their hard work, dedication and professionalism at all levels in tackling such a challenging undertaking. Thanks to Pippa, Anna, Kathryn, Ofelia and Kendall for all you have contributed and accomplished!

-Jeffrey Whittle, Guest Curator and Visiting Professor