New semester. Different skill sets. Same me.

As syllabus week comes to an end, the real work begins. Though I missed Tuesday’s class due to unexpected traveling sickness, I was caught up to speed on Thursday. I expect great things from this class. I am more excited to see all the goes into getting an exhibition up and running. I had previously taken a course with professor Whittle or Jeffrey, as I like to call him, and got a taste of the “behind the scenes” of exhibitions. This is what sparked my interest in learning more about the exhibition process. As Jeffrey spoke, the words that stood out to me the most were that this was a skill set based course. In other words, this class will help me build skill sets that I can use on my resume, which is great. These skill sets include keeping up with a blog, gallery setup, interview skills, curatorial work, etc. As a person that might be pursuing a career, I know some of these skills will be beneficial and will add a lot to my education; not to mention it help me adult better.

Continuing on in this class I am excited to work with my peers who some I consider my friends and others I cannot wait to get to know. I am also excited to work with my assigned professor and get to know about her thought process and her personality. It is so interesting how much art and clinical psychology intersect. An intake of a person during a therapy session usually involves a set of questions to get to know more about a person, which will later be used to envision a collaborative plan of action. I don’t know but I think that sounds a lot like what this class is expecting of me. I am to interview with my assigned professor, get to know them and their work, and collaboratively come up with a vision to portray her thought process. I am practicing skill sets that will only be useful in the art world, but also in my future clinical psychology work.

As tradition may have it, expect my quirky titles and elaborate exploration of a new territory of what this class is teaching. This is something out of my comfort zone and I embrace the challenges and lessons it offers. I am elated at the new experiences I will encounter and cannot wait to visit galleries to further broaden my vision of what is possible in a gallery space. Just like art that is shown, galleries create unique experiences that are never the same visit after visit.

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