Introductions and Showing Thinking Overview

I’m very excited to be taking Art 397: Exhibition Processes this spring! I took Art 260: Methods – another art and art history class focused on process and experiential learning –  in the Fall 2015 semester and have been looking forward to this class ever since.

This semester, our class will be putting together the sixth Showing Thinking exhibition at Agnes Scott College. There is so much emphasis placed on the finished product that the journey is often dismissed; Showing Thinking reveals and celebrates the journey as the catalysis of creation.

In Methods, our final was a curatorial  project in which we designed an exhibit and build a scale maquette. We had to consider how artwork was related and how space could be used effectively. Showing Thinking will be the real thing – our class will have a role in transforming the gallery and collecting material for the show.

Our class will interview the participants for the show and come up with engaging ways to showcase each individual’s process visually. Previous exhibitions have had participants from a wide variety of fields including the more typical art department faculty to math and science departments.

In addition to Showing Thinking, we will help with two other exhibitions including the annual student show, hear from guest speakers, and visit contemporary art spaces in the Atlanta area. Through this process log, we will be able to document our journey as a class and reflect on what we learn throughout the semester.

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