Introduction: Exhibition Process

When I signed up for Exhibition Process, I expected that the course would have similarities with my public history course with Professor Robin Morris.  Public History included several field trips as well as a final digital exhibition on the Swanton House.  I really enjoyed the collaboration with my classmates and understanding how exhibits are displaying information to the viewer which made me want to take this course.

I expect that Exhibition Process will be more hands on unlike public history, meaning there will be more focus on creating a physical exhibition with Agnes Scott’s annual Showing and Thinking.  In addition, there will not only be collaboration with the students but also the professors we are assigned to.  On Thursday I discovered that I was assigned to Professor Mary Cain in the History Department.  Even though I know Professor Cain as an academic advisor and professor, I am looking forward to know her as a historian and a person.

Challenges that I may come across might be how I can condense her process in a way that is comprehensive to the audience that may not know her subject or anything about her.  Unlike Public History with Professor Morris, there was not an emphasis on visual representation, but research.    Through the Showing and Thinking Exhibition, I hope I can use the skills I developed in Visual Thinking.  In addition, another concern is I do not know Professor Cain as a person.  Even though I have a good idea about her teaching pedagogy, I still do not know her other interests that may contribute to her thinking process.  I hope with the interviews and reading her personal statement, her personality will be apparent.  Overall, I am looking forward to enhance my skills that can compliment my resume.

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