week one : introductions

Last semester I had taken an Art Methods course examining many of the ways that one could work in the art world. That course was useful in reaffirming my interest in art history. This course interests me due to the opportunities that we will get in working with the gallery director and other professionals with the showing/thinking exhibition.I had previously worked on a personal project similar to this exhibition in my LDR 101 course freshman year. I am looking forward to using the knowledge from these courses to find an internship or job somewhere within the art community.

This week after we were introduced to the course and syllabus, we reviewed the history of the “processes show” and discussed this year’s participants. I am working primarily with Casey Long’s section for this course. I am interested to see how her process works as a librarian and as a researcher. I am also looking forward to seeing how the process of curating and developing the visual components of a conceptual show like this one. I hope to learn skills that are applicable to the career I chose to pursue.

For the next class I have read the past exhibition catalogs and examined the process statements by the past participants. It is fascinating to see the different ways in which professors work and how their accompanying portraits demonstrated that. I look forward to reading this year’s participants’ process statements and learning more about how they think.


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