week two : process

This weeks classes covered many aspects of planning the showing/thinking show.

On Tuesday we discussed the catalogs and process statements from the past exhibitions. We discussed the nuances that each professor included in their writing, some departments tended to share aspects with each other and one could almost see a humanities/stem separation. But there is no way to divide all processes into two schools of thought. As we reviewed the statements I noticed how the professors that I knew were easily reflected in their statements a well as their portraits. The challenge now becomes creating the same experience for someone I do not know as well.

On Thursday we were given a presentation by the Gallery Director, Leah Owenby,  on the show Clitical Thinking opening in February and how her role as the director works. While I knew how much work went into her position, I hadn’t imagined the spread of what she does. That kind of job requires a disposition that isn’t too common.

The presentation gave me much to think about in how different jobs play different roles within a gallery space. The ideas of publicity for a show were also interesting, as someone who has some experience with that type of work, it was different seeing it within a professional practice. The amount of work in putting on a show is daunting, but that kind of challenge is where I work best. I can’t wait to see what this “processes show” will bring.


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