Week Three: Planning for Showing/Thinking

This week was spent delegating roles and going over our plan for the upcoming Showing/Thinking exhibition. On Tuesday, we created a timeline with all the tasks we need to complete before March 27th, when the exhibition officially opens. On Thursday, we met with the photographer Tom Meyers, who will be photographing each participant for the catalog. Also, we met with Jeffrey and our participants to go over ideas for the exhibit and the photography sessions.

Our list of “things to have done” includes:



-catalog (photoshoot, final statements, printing/shipping time, introductory statement)

-installation (vinyl lettering, floor plan, painting, transport, lighting)

-questions to ask participants

We divided all of the roles equally between each student and came up with this list:

Pippa – promotion and vinyl lettering

Ofelia – HR representative, leader on conversation

Kathryn – budget, introductory statement

Kendall – project manager, introductory statement

Anna – designing catalog

I think most of us in the class work best with specific direction, so it was helpful to create a distinct timeline with everything we need to have finished. All of the roles are so important to finishing the exhibition, and I think we will all work well together as a team.

On Thursday, I met with Jeffrey and Bridget in her office to go over her ideas for the exhibit. We came up with some ideas that must be included – such as, displaying Labanotation scores, video(s) of a performance, a costume on display (we landed on a costume designed for Bridget that reflects her background as a notator and figure skater), performance schedules, and personal artifacts. There was a wide range of potential artifacts that could be used in the exhibition, almost too many. However, since Bridget’s work is primarily in the studio and not scholarly, there will be an abundance of items besides papers, which will make the exhibit more interactive and relatable. Later on, I will be meeting individually with Bridget to finalize ideas and do her photoshoot – we decided it should be in the studio or on the stage in Gaines, with theater lighting. Overall, there is no shortage of ideas and I think her exhibit will be easy to put together.


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