Reading Personal Statements

Exhibition process this week involved examining previous catalogs to understand more about Showing Thinking and to see the writing style of the personal statements.  The three personal statements I selected for this blog post were Donna Sadler Art History, Christine Cozzens English and Creative Writing, and Larry Riddle Mathematics.  The reason I selected these three professors is all of them are from different departments, which will produce a variety in writing style.  In addition each of these disciplines have a different process, which I wanted to learn more about.

Out of all three personal statements, my favorite was Professor Christine Cozzens Department of English and Creative Writing.  In her essay, Professor Cozzens learns through talking and collaborating with others.  Her experience of learning with others in a non academic setting inspired her to teach others about writing (head of CWS Workshop at Agnes Scott College).  What made her personal statement my favorite is she took the reader on a journey about being a writer and educator.  She starts as an undergrad and continues to present day while making connections between personal and professional experience.  At one point, both aspects of her life blended when she takes students to Ireland annually.  Through writing, literature, and experience students as well as Professor Cozzens immerse themselves in this country culturally and socially with each other.

Reading all of the catalogs made me think about what I expect or hope from my assigned professor which is listed below.

  1. able to communicate their discipline and process clear and concise
  2. provide several relatable examples to express their process
  3. quotes that best represent the professor’s personal statement as a whole


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