Setting Up the Oval Office

In lieu of all that is happening in the world, it is nice to find the simple parallels to continue to grow as a global citizen. As the oval office tries to get organized, so is this exhibitions class. This class is learning as we go and in such the way the class is structured varies week to week. It’s a nice way to keep me on my toes and expect the unexpected. Tuesday’s class was structured around structuring. In other words, we were assigned jobs that are pertinent to get showing thinking on the way. These jobs include budgeting, promotion, making the catalog and introduction to the show, designing the vinyl, and having the people person. I have taken it upon myself to observe what each job will entail because for next time, students can have a better idea of what the job requires; much like how job descriptions function in the working world. My idea is to have some sort of class manual to give to Jeffrey for reference. Having a student perspective on classes is honestly beneficial to both the professor and student. It makes the student think more critically about the skill sets they are learning and the professor can see what the student is retaining from their classes and mentoring.

The job that I was assigned has been dubbed “Human Resource Manager”. I do not know what this job will hold for me however it works on one of my strengths: I am a people person. I can be very malleable and can adapt myself to any conversation. I am excited to see what this job has to offer, but I am more excited to see what I do with the job and how I create the image of “HR Manager”.

For the most part this week has been all about setting up shop and getting to know our participants. Thursday we all meet up with our perspective participants and got to meet them in their office. I had a bonus and got to meet my participant’s newborn baby. You can imagine who was the focus of the interview. We (Jeffrey and I), gave her feedback on her process statement and started talking about how to represent that in a visual form. Keywords that I have come up with that describe her process are: layers, tree of life, interconnected web, family, and passionate. As I continue to learn more about her and investigate possible items to show, I have many questions I would like to ask her in our follow up interview. For example, she is a writer who is exploring a new genre. She writes about 20th and 21st century American Literature and she explores topics such as gender studies and African American literature. I would like to know more about that genre and why she chose to work with this topic rather than other genres. On top of this interview, we got to meet Tom Meyer. He will be taking portrait photos of our participants. His job is to also capture their personality and thinking process through photography. I have the luck to tag along in his meeting and photo shoot with our assigned participants. I look forward to seeing how he works as a photographer and an interviewer.


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