week three : interviews

This week we had our initial meetings with our participants and delegated positions and we start to plan 2017’s showing/thinking exhibition.

The meeting with Casey Long was insightful, I feel that I have learned more about her that will make creating the content for the show much easier. After we discussed her statement we gathered ideas and she showed us the way she organizes her thoughts. As we wrapped up the conversation lead to personality types and tests. These types of tests, the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram, have always intrigued me and I enjoy the insight into a person they give. I feel that Casey Long and I have similar personalities and I look forward to talking with her more about how she thinks.

We also got the opportunity to meet with Tom Meyers, who will take the catalog photos of each participant. I am interested to see how his creative process works in tandem with the participants’.

We assigned roles for the exhibition planning process. Ofelia is our “HR” representative, Pippa is running PR, Kendall is the project manager, Kathryn is in charge of budget and I will put putting together the catalog. I am hoping that my previous experience in journalistic layout will come in handy with the catalog. I’m also looking forward to see how the catalog comes together as we receive the portraits and finalized process statements.


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