week four : photoshoots

This week we met with our participant and Tom Meyer to plan and take the photos for the catalog as well as select the exhibition color.

I met with Casey Long and Tom to plan and take Casey’s photo for the catalog. Tom came into the meeting with a strong idea of where he wanted to shoot. After a short discussion we went to take the photos. It was interesting to see a different kind of art professional in practice. As he was working he explained what he was trying to do with the lighting and how that would play into the underlying meaning of the photo. As the shoot progressed it was fascinating to see how different sides of the subject came out to react to the photos.

Later we came together as a class to select a paint color that will be on the rounded wall, which serves as a visual focal point for the gallery, as well as on the catalog. The dark burnt umber shade is following a connection we made between the participants, seeing them as excavators.

I have began looking over the past catalog pdf to see how I will model this catalog. I am excited to get back to my roots with layout programs such as Adobe InDesign, it’s a skill I could develop further in this course.

Also this week was the opening reception for the Clitical Thinking show. I enjoyed seeing the process of the show going up as well as the many tasks that came up as the show developed. The different ways in which students learned about the show were interesting and could be applied to the showing/thinking exhibition.

I am planning on meeting with Casey Long on Monday night at her house to discuss her processes again. I am hoping to find more inspiration for the visualization of her process.


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