Week Four: Interview & Photoshoot Planning

On Tuesday, I was only in class for the last 15 minutes because I met with Tom and Bridget in the dance studio to discuss the upcoming photoshoot. It was a very productive meeting, and we left with a great idea that reflects the importance of Bridget’s role at Agnes Scott and how she has been a constant force in the Dance Department for the last 15 years. We will meet on February 17th at 2:00pm (although I will be there at 12:00pm to help with setting up and doing test shots). The whole dance company will (hopefully) be there, dressed in black on the bottom and various colors on top. We will take the tall, portable ladder in the dance studio, which is important to Bridget’s process, and set it up in the middle of the studio at an angle. Bridget will sit at the top of the ladder, while the company will be below, improvising movement to create a blurred effect in the final image. Bridget was, and still is, nervous about the prospect of a photoshoot so she didn’t have many ideas at the beginning of the meeting. However, she and Tom just began talking in general and from that grew an idea; she is still uncomfortable about it, but she seemed to like the idea we landed on and seems open to playing around with it.

I still need to schedule a follow up meeting just with me and Bridget, in which I want to discuss the list of items that will potentially be in the show. It’s a long list, and although the space she is getting is quite big, I anticipate needing to edit. Most importantly, we want to make sure the exhibit allows for her multiple facets (notator, teacher, choreographer, and dancer) to be shown. Some of the most important objects include the tall ladder which will be used in the photoshoot, a video of a performance, Labanotation scores (probably blown up onto the wall), costume(s), and a chair prop from Bridget’s solo show last year. It seems a little overwhelming right now, but in the end I think her exhibit will be exceptional.

On Thursday, we met in the classroom and provided updates to the class about our progress with our participants. There is a lot to be done before the show opens, but we have an organized calendar and seem to all be on top of our individual duties. As I am doing the vinyl, I took a look at examples of last year’s vinyl lettering. Using that template, I updated it to pertain to this show and will bring a copy to the next class for people to look at. Additionally, as a class, we brainstormed potential promotion ideas. Social media will be important; we discussed using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even creating a Snapchat filter. Also, I thought we should create posters to put up around campus, so yesterday I spent what ended up being about 5 hours creating posters that I will bring into class as well. Lastly, I will write up a press release using one from last year as an example, but adding information about our ART397 class and how we are curating the exhibition this year. There is plenty to do, but our class works well together so I am confident we will have it done in time and create an incredible show.



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