The Saga Continues…

showing thinking is on it’s way. I was able to meet with both Nicole and Tom Myer, our photographer for the portraits. In brainstorming and hearing more about Nicole, Tom was able to think of ideas when he heard the word “palimpsest”. If I could put a singular word to this scholar’s thought process it would this. Palimpsest means something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form according to the dictionary definition. In observing Nicole’s answers to how she works, this definition fits in the sense that she works in layers in with the information from the past enlightens the information of the now. That is why in her words “stories are always subject to change.” These collaborations are always so interesting because the you’ll never know what you will get until you actually do it. I am excited to work with Tom, not only overseeing the photo shoot but also learning more about how he works as an artist. We have some days and times set up to take the photos and create magic. This conversation sparked some ideas to create more content for the actual show and has my creative juices flowing. Nicole has been kind enough to be patient with these ideas and helping me think through them to make sure it accurately depicts her process. Oh collaboration, sometimes you are a blessing.

Now, for the show as a whole, we have started working on different corners of the puzzle and working in. We have chosen the areas for the artist and are now working on the content. We all have out difficulties but I am sure that together we can figure something out. As for progress, it’s nice to reflect on what we have done and less on what we still need to do for at least two seconds. As of right now, we have a color, assigned areas for the gallery, some completed photo shoots, and nearly finished process statements. Kudos for what we have done thus far. This show is getting done and I more than excited to see the end result.

Things that we still need to do: a lot! However, there is a lot of in progress work happening. We are working on marketing strategies, the catalog is being worked on, the vinyl is being designed, and I of course am trying to document everything like that overly eager parent seeing their new born child explore the world around them. But just like that parent, I am excited to see this new exhibition grow into a solid show.

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