Studio Visit and Photoshoot

Today I was able to visit María in her studio for the photoshoot. This was a great opportunity to get some ideas for the show as well as make a connection between classes.

I noticed that María’s paintings in progress were propped against the wall on buckets to dry. This is something I think should definitely be replicated in the show.

In preparation for the photoshoot, María hung up some of her smaller drawings in a grid. It looks really cool, and María mentioned adding more. I hope these drawings become part of the show as well.

It would also be nice to stage a work space in the gallery; the table with all of María’s supplies looked cool as well as the box of pastels with discarded gloves. This could really drive the idea of process home.

Since I am in Photography this semester, it was fun to see how a professional photographer works. It was interesting to observe the sitter-artist relationship in action and I really wish I had taken some pictures. Conversation and compromise are integral to the process.

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