Week Five: Updates

Last week (well really, last Tuesday) was spent with each student giving updates on the progress of their work with their participants. I caught the flu, so I wasn’t in class on Thursday.

I didn’t have a lot to update for my work with Bridget; I hadn’t done my follow-up meeting with her yet, regarding the layout of the space. I am planning to spend the weekend brainstorming and then meet with her next week. I’m a little apprehensive to start planning out the exhibition space, because I haven’t really had experience doing this before. Mostly I will just be following my gut, placing items where I think they best fit, but I’m not sure whether or not this is a good strategy. Many of Bridget’s objects are large (for example, there is a giant domed play structure that was a prop) so it will be easy to fill up the space. I’ve been thinking about ways to organize the space, since that central gallery is nicely divided into four quadrants. Conveniently, there are four facets of Bridget: notator, teacher, choreographer, and dancer. My plan is to use each of those spaces to represent each of her facets. However, I have a concern that this would look too obvious, like it was too easy since there are four quadrants and four “facets”. For now, I will follow that idea and see what it looks like once I have a clearer view of the exhibit. I may need to tweak it, but that will come later.

The other pieces I have been working on are the posters and the vinyl. I created posters on canva.com, which was fairly easy with some technical difficulties. The color scheme was the reddish-brown color we decided on for the show and the earthy moss green that was runner up. I thought these complemented each other well, and represented the theme of excavation. These are a work in progress, so I will be continuing to edit them this weekend.


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