week five : interview at casey’s house

This past week I visited Casey Long at her house for a follow up interview.

While I was at her house we discussed how her personality was reflected in her home as well as what she does outside of her job. It was interesting to see how purposeful her house was organized. Sure, there was clutter, as there is in any living space, but every thing in her house served a purpose. From the empty cans of coffee grounds that covered the counter to the overfilled bookcase in the guest room.

While the trip to her home was enlightening in regards to Casey’s personality it was also confusing. I feel almost overwhelmed by the facets of who she is and I am struggling to find a way to visualize those as well as her process. While her identity is intrinsically linked to the library, I hesitate to focus solely on that, there is so much more to what she does as a librarian than what seems to be the obvious route for her process.

I think something that is very indicative of her personality is the stray cats she feeds. While the “stereotype” of a librarian is a cat-loving loner, Casey is nothing like that. Sure she can be introverted and feeds stray cats in her front yard, but her reasoning behind it makes my pause to consider it. Casey is a self-described dog lover, yet she houses four cats and feeds plenty more. She saw a need and took care of it. Sure, the cats are just going to keep coming back (which is why she advises to never feed stray cats), but that’s not a consideration for her. These aren’t her cats, but she’s going to keep feeding them. This aspect of her personality, is something that I can’t put into words yet and is the essence of what I want to capture in her space.



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