Week Five: Photoshoot

Last Friday I finally got to do the photoshoot with Bridget and Tom. Thankfully, although there was a bit of miscommunication, it all worked out. I showed up at the dance studio around 12pm, to let Tom into the building and help with anything that was needed. There wasn’t much for me to do, so I occupied myself until about 1:45 when dancers started showing up. By then, I started telling people about Showing/Thinking and I passed around the catalogs from previous years for people to look at. It was well-received and I think generated some interest in the show (especially for the first years, who didn’t know what Showing/Thinking was). We then all moved into the main studio where Tom had set up all the equipment and had moved the ladder into the center of the room.

For the actual photo, Bridget was positioned sitting at the top of the ladder – placed at a diagonal – and the dance company was instructed to improvise movement. All the dancers were dressed in black on the bottom and different colors on top. It created a really wonderful contrast with the monochromatic color scheme of the rest of the room (Bridget was dressed in black and the floors were black).

Below are some pictures I took during the photoshoot:



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