Planning for Gallery Layouts

Everything is slowly coming together.  This week we only meet once, but achieved a great deal in our three hour session. In addition to reviewing Anna’s draft for the catalog and finalizing our image selections, we began discussing the layouts for our individual gallery spaces.

Here are a few of the sketches I presented in class for María’s space:


I would like to use the largest wall for a more traditional display of her finished works on paper. Since she has both abstract and figurative drawings, these could be alternated.

I would like to hang one of María’s much larger drawings on one of the side walls. It would take up almost the entire wall and I believe it would be a lot of fun to have this across from her much smaller sketches and collection of paint chips. I am still considering the best way to display these; María and I had discussed setting up a table much like her workspace in her gallery, but several other participants will have desks in their spaces. I think using pedestals might be a solution, but I’m not sure yet.


When I visited María’s studio, she had her paintings drying on paint cans. I would like to replicate this in the gallery; in addition to really showcasing the process, this will shift the sight line down. I think having one of the quotes placed higher on the wall, specifically several feet above the average eye line would be a nice contrast to the low placement of the canvases.


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