Art Papers Auction


This weekend, I was able to go to the Art Papers auction with the Agnes Scott Art Department. This was a great experience; I was able to see another dimension of the art world. The auction was a completely different environment than I am used to for art; it was more like a party with art rather than a space for viewing and thinking about art.

The interactions between people were especially interesting; there was a lot of jostling and semi-aggressive positioning around artwork.

Since this was an auction and not an exhibition, artwork was not curated in the same careful matter as in an institutions; there, art is arranged so that dialogues is created between pieces placed next to one another. Here, each piece functioned individually and some where more successful than others.

Agnes Scott was lucky enough to win two pieces for the permanent collection. One is a figurative work on paper and the other is more abstract. Both pieces are monochromatic and use subtlety to convey their meaning.



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