week seven : catalog and layout

This week my efforts were primarily focused on the catalog. Having used Adobe InDesign previously as a part of my high school newspaper it was a bit like relearning how to ride a bike- sure you never forget how, but you might just have trouble locating the stroke palette. I’m glad that this course is giving me the opportunity to relearn the program and polish my skills for professional use. Here is one of the pages from my first mock up:


Having roughed out the first draft of the catalog, a few of the issues I came across was balancing text and other elements as well as distributing space between the page elements. Some of the participants had plenty of content and others had less to work with. These issues are things that happen periodically with design layout.

This weekend I had to opportunity to attend the Art Papers art auction with the Art Department. I was intrigued by the event, it seemed like every surface was covered in some form of art. The eclectic group of people and art pieces made for an interesting evening. The pieces the seniors ended up bidding on will be great additions to our collection. While hectic, the process was interesting and I can’t wait to attend as a senior in two years.



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