Art Papers Auction

On Saturday night, I went with fellow Art and Art History majors (not just seniors this year) to the Art Papers Auction at Ponce City Market. It was quite an experience; I had never been to an art auction before, although I knew somewhat what to expect because I went to a contemporary art gallery opening last semester with my Visual Culture class. I expected great people-watching opportunities, good food, and both “good” art and “bad” art. Contemporary art is not a passion of mine, so I was more interested in observing the crowd, rather than the art itself. Personally, I find a lot of contemporary art exhausting because there is so much emphasis on being different and innovative that the technique becomes irrelevant and the content confusing. That being said, there were many pieces that I did enjoy.

It was not as fancy as I had expected. There were some people who went all out in their outfits (one woman wore what looked like a prom dress, covered in glittery pink rhinestones) while the majority wore simple dresses and even some jeans and t-shirts. It was a very relaxed environment, lacking pretentiousness (with the exception of some individuals I observed). Overall, it was a very fun party. There was free food, from local restaurants, and a live band.

Below are some pictures I took at the auction:

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