Gallery Install Day 1: Tuesday

After two weeks off, we will really have to jump right into action this week to install Showing/Thinking.

It is a little overwhelming to think about all the things that need to be done before the show officially opens next Tuesday. María’s gallery space is completely empty right now; I will be helping her transport her art to the gallery tomorrow between classes. While I have ideas for layout, the plan is still evolving. Yesterday, María and I discussed the layout and came up with this sketch.

Instead of having a single row of art centered at eye level, we will hang drawing in stacks that increase in number as they move towards the center and then decrease to the right. Unlike the grid of drawings I saw when I visited María’s studio, the stacks will create movement and include both the small 10”x11” drawings as well several larger 22”x30” abstract drawings. María has 32 small and 19 large drawings to work from, so I am working on a more specific plan (with measurements) for tomorrow.

With no art to hang up today, I began installing vinyl text. This is a fairly straight forward process, but it requires a bit of patience; this one segment took me the entire class period to install!


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