Gallery Install Day 2: Thursday

Yesterday, María and I brought most of her artwork over from her house. The good news is I have a lot to work with; in addition to the pieces we had discussed, María brought over some extra drawings and sketches that will be great for the work space. The bad news is I’m still waiting on a few final drawings; since her works are unframed and use chalk pastels, María is waiting for a spray fixative to arrive before transporting the larger abstract drawings to the gallery. These won’t be ready until Sunday, so I’m a little annoyed.

At this point, I’m excited knowing how nice everything will look once it is complete, but I know this point is still a long way away.

Around the rest of the gallery, things are slowly coming together. For the most part, we have all finished with the vinyl text for our individual spaces. This process is very time consuming, so I’m a little worried about all the vinyl we still need to install on the round wall.

Next, I worked out the math for the small pastel drawings and began installing them. Since Tuesday, I was given new instructions for hanging them; instead of the diamond shape that we discussed, María would like for them to be hung in a grid. While I’m a little disappointed I spent so much measuring out a new layout for nothing, I think hanging the drawings in a grid will be less overwhelming for the viewer.  Each drawing is labeled on the back so that I can hang them in the order María decided on. There will be five rows with six drawing each.

Since these drawing are unmounted, I will need stick each drawing to the wall with sticky dots. I was able to put up the first row with some left over sticky putty. This looks like it will work pretty well.




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