Gallery Install Day 4: Saturday

I was very disappointed to find this view when I came into the gallery this morning.

Due to the humidity in the gallery, as well as the weight of the paper, the sticky dots were not able to hold the drawing to the wall. I’m annoyed, but there is a solution: the drawings with sticky putty held, so I just need to buy some more on Monday and reinstall the drawings that fell.

Despite this set back, a lot of progress was made today. María came in to help and we were able to hang up the large ink painting as well as set up the desk.

We ended up taping the painting to the wall. While this doesn’t look very professional, we decided the tape highlights the important of process in this show. Along with the unfinished paintings and the desk, the process pieces form a triangle in the space.

I had the unique opportunity of giving my professor homework today; since María was insistent on moving one of the paintings we had already installed, I asked her to come up with something else to fill the space.

Once I reinstall the drawings on Monday, everything will be ready for the opening on Tuesday!


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