Catalog Introduction

Since I was not able to finish my introductory statement by the time the Showing/Thinking catalog was printed, I have decided to share the finished version here:

There are several strategies utilized by the mind to excavate the interior life. Expression can be the result of revision and truth is often carved out through repetition. The individuals in this exhibition have all developed and distilled languages unique to their process and specific research. Through writing, researching, investigating, painting, and dancing, each is able to connect to others. Action unifies the different forms, allowing the speaker to share the essence of their passion.

But language is messy; it can be misinterpreted or go entirely unnoticed. Yet it is important to speak despite the potential for failure. Initial action is required to uncover the medium and continual re-articulation is required for precise language. The speaker must be willing to be vulnerable and be aware that the message might need to change.


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