Gallery Installation: The Vinyl

One of the very first steps in our gallery installation process was attaching the vinyl for our participant’s name and their two quotes. I had never before attached vinyl to anything (and truthfully, I didn’t even know what vinyl was) so this was a completely new experience for me.

Essentially, the process of attaching vinyl follows three steps:

  1. Attach the strip of vinyl to the wall with tape and level it.
  2. Remove the bottom layer and let the vinyl fall onto the wall, wherever it lands naturally.
  3. Remove the top layer and reveal the lettering!

The process itself was not difficult for me. I enjoy detail work, so I found it quite soothing to methodically level, peel, and peel. What was frustrating was whenever the letters would stick to the paper, so I would have to go back over them with the squeegee (I actually found it easier to use my ID rather than an actual squeegee). At first I was overly cautious, going over the letters three or four times, but with practice I discovered that I really only need to go over them once and can go back if needed. Below I have included some close-up photos I took while installing one of Bridget’s quotes.


I ended up finishing the vinyl quickly, both because the quotes I was given were quite short and I spent a lot of time outside class working on it. I worked during our Tuesday class, and then Tuesday night and Wednesday night, and was done before class on Thursday. It was a process I really enjoyed and a skill I’m glad I acquired – I’m now considering attaching vinyl to my walls at home.



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