Bridget’s Exhibit: Choreography



This section of the exhibition space, the left corner closest to the entrance (when standing at the front door) is meant to represent Bridget’s role as a choreographer.

On the short wall, posters from previous Studio Dance Theatre productions have been attached. Although not all the works performed by Studio Dance Theatre are original pieces, it has been a platform for Bridget to choreograph on students and create based on subjects that are important to her (frequently, subjects of social justice and human rights). On the longer wall, a flat-screen TV is hung displaying images of Studio Dance Theatre in performance – these are only works that have been choreographed by Bridget. The geometric dome is a prop from a piece entitled Timeless Bearings from 2009, inspired by research findings about Parkinson’s Disease. Lastly, a white podium covered by a white cloth (used because cloth is an important element of Bridget’s choreography) supports the dome; on top of the podium rests an archival binder of all past performances given by Studio Dance Theatre.

This category attempts to familiarize the viewer with the work of Studio Dance Theatre, while preserving a sense of abstraction that will hopefully invite the viewer to attend a show in the future. Unfortunately there was no sufficient video footage to display, so I settled on a slideshow of photos instead. Although video would have given a better sense of the choreography, a slideshow allows for more pieces to be shown. I desperately wanted to display the dome in an unusual manner – my initial idea was to hang it from the ceiling but that was not plausible – but I could not figure out a way that didn’t result in podiums obnoxiously overtaking the negative space in the dome and the shadows created from it. Through collaboration and discussion, the final display came into place. I still wish it could be suspended completely, but I am content with the result. Out of all the corners, this has to be my favorite.


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