Student Show: Install and Opening

After a semester of hard work, Exhibition Processes is coming to a close. Our final class of the semester was on Tuesday and we started laying out the students show.

I worked on the layout for the paintings. The original plan was to hang all the work on the two side walls in María’s former space. It was really difficult to curate the pieces since they lacked the coherency of a single artist’s hand. I tried grouping them in several different ways, including by assignment, but they ultimately looked best grouped by artist.

Wednesday night, a bunch of people from the art department came together to install all the work. Together, we were able to get everything up in a couple of hours. More paintings were brought down to the gallery and María lead the install in her former space. Ofelia and I teamed up to hang the photographs in Nicole and Mary’s former space.

I also helped one of the seniors, Ryland All, hang her art in the main gallery space. We decided to hang her work in a grid, and I was able to use my experience from Showing/Thinking to work out the math.

After working hard to hang the show Wednesday night, the power went out Thursday. We still had the opening, but it was a little difficult to see the art – even with candles and flashlights. Despite this set back, we had an excellent turn out.

The show kicked off with a gallery talk on one of the newly acquired piece from the Art Papers auction. This piece, HTFMHeart Seattle 1:1, by Heather Gordon is hanging in Campbell.


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