Brainstorming the Round Wall

For exhibition process this week, each of us had to brainstorm for the round wall in the Showing Thinking Exhibition.  Our class decided to place quotes on the round wall from each personal statement to connect all the participants in the Agnes Scott Community.  The words I selected for the wall to showcase Mary Cain was

  1. context
  2. portals
  3. we dig, we search, and we trace patterns
  4. center human beings within the setting we study identity
  5. multiracial society
  6. whiteness
  7. unearned privilege

My approach for the wall focused on using different fonts for each person.  I was interested in the idea of handwritings because Nicole Stamant had a handwriting similar to the homemade apple font, which is cursive.  In addition Mary Cain’s handwriting was similar to Corvisa, which is italicized print.  Because these professors were writers, I wanted to portray their quotes as if they wrote on the walls themselves.  However, during the critique many of my classmates felt that the cursive would not be legible for the audience.  They liked my concept in theory, but not in reality.  The group ended up selecting Pippa’s wall concept because the structure of columns was appealing and the use of different colors looked great on our neutral wall.


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