Final Thoughts

Interview with President Kiss

I was very disappointed that I was unable to interview President Kiss about Showing Thinking.  Not only would I learned about her process, but I would have learned more about her role on campus and how much she means to faculty, students, and alumni.  The questions I selected for her below offered the importance of leadership and how it transforms overtime along with being a mediator for others.  My questions can be used for future use.  I still believe this interview should happen.

  1. How do you balance between being a diplomat and moving forward with today’s world?
  2. How do you negotiate with current and former students’ needs?
  3. How does the legacy of former presidents shape your process?
  4. How has your pedagogy towards teaching changed?  How has your leadership role influenced your teaching as president?
  5. Tell me about your Journey’s Trip to Hungary.  What did it mean for you to return to your family’s country?
  6. What do you remember from Showing Thinking?

Installing the Student Show

The area that I was assigned to was the same area I used for Showing Thinking.  Because this was a very informal show, the class was able to eyeball the center and the space between pictures.  However, I wanted to have some exact measurements so I did use a ruler to install.  The most difficult piece to hang was a space comic self-portrait where the paper was cut into sections.  How I approached the portrait was to see it as one gigantic painting and hang it in increments.

When it came to setting up the space, I wanted each portrait to have a dialogue with one another.  On one wall I placed two portraits sitting on chairs at the end of the row where both appeared to be looking at each other.  On another wall I placed a group where each subject in the portrait were sitting down.  This strategy would allow the viewer to see the commonalities in each portrait.

What I learned

This class taught me how to think about perspective and design.  The Showing Thinking Project, especially for installing, I learned that how I portray Mary Cain could affect how people learn about her.  When it came to installing the vinyl lettering, I had to learn about precision, because for one of her quotes the line went a little askew, but that was because I rushed without thinking about what I was doing.  In addition, this class also helped me with organizing.  Because I was project manager, it was important for me to make sure everyone was on task with their assignments and we were able to have a show by the deadline.  I was able to accomplish this role by making a calendar for the class with deadlines for each major project such as the catalog and the opening day.    Finally,  I learned about writing creatively.  The introduction for the catalog, made me approach my writing in a nonacademic way, which I found to be exciting.  I enjoyed creating something that was relatable, but still had analysis.  I even received a compliment from several professors about my introduction statement.   I  want to explore this form of writing more in the future.


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