Showing Thinking Conversation

This week was the debut for Showing Thinking where all the participants came to have a conversation about their experience with the show.  For the conversation the questions I wrote were:

  1. How do you transfer knowledge to your students in order to ensure they are learning the material?
  2. How do you work with students that have a different experience from you?  Do you take into consideration their background while collaborating?
  3. How do you make your work relevant each year?

Unfortunately I could not ask all my questions, but the question I asked for the conversation was question 1.  The reason I asked this question because I wanted to hear their approach to teaching students.  They are professors that received a degree not only in their discipline, but also in education.  When I asked the question, I enjoyed Nicole Stamant’s response the most.  She emphasized that in her curriculum, she structures her readings that connect with each other and forces the students to learn and develop as they go.  In addition María Korol emphasized how with her students she watches their art develop and gives them references to other artists that have a similar style.

While I was listening to the conversation take place, I noticed how all the professors feed off of each other’s ideas when explaining their process.  At one point in the conversation, there was a question about failure and several people saw failure as unfinished.  In other words, the professors never felt truly satisfied with a published work that had to meet a certain due date.  I also found myself relating to this idea of failure as well because when I turn in papers I feel like they are unfinished.  The only reason I did turn assignments was to receive credit for my work.  However from the professors, I learned that I can always return.

Overall this was my favorite event because I enjoyed seeing these people see commonalities and differences in their field.


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