Student Exhibition

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The installation of the student show was quite a whirlwind. We began on Wednesday – I was originally assigned to the spot in the gallery where I installed Bridget’s exhibit, where the seniors were placed, but since none of them were ready to install I instead helped Kathryn and Maria with the gallery to the left. My task was to arrange and begin hanging the drawings from Professor Emerson’s drawing class. Since we were short on time, I didn’t put as much thought into the layout as I’d wanted to, but I think it turned out well. I divided the drawings into three categories, based on their subject, and hung them in groups. Kathryn, Maria, and I developed a layout that fit almost all of the art and clearly displayed the different classes. The paintings create a pop of color that draws people into the room, and then they are framed on either side by black and white charcoal drawings.

I got to use some of my hanging skills from Showing Thinking, although it wasn’t as detailed because instead of taking measurements we eye-balled a lot to save time. The drawings were held in by tacks, much easier to use than the thin map pins I used for Showing Thinking. It was difficult to hang the upper level ones because, even on a step-ladder, I couldn’t reach high enough to secure them into the wall with the tack. I ended up calling on other people to assist me, and it all worked out in the end. Another issue was the fact that none of the charcoal drawings were fixed, so every time I touched one the charcoal got absolutely everywhere. I learned to be careful but not worry so much about it, because I was able to erase the majority off the wall.

It was a different experience from Showing Thinking because we were working solely based around the art, not a person. Many of the pieces were not labeled so I didn’t even know who the artist was. It was a short, but beneficial experience to work in a gallery with “traditional” art and use the curation skills I gained during Showing Thinking.


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