week eleven : atlanta contemporary

This week we visited the Atlanta Contemporary and talked to the executive director of the Atlanta Contemporary, Veronica Kessenich. After she gave us a quick tour of the exhibitions currently on display she answered a few questions on her role in the Contemporary and the Contemporary role in the art world.

The shows currently on display, Sascha Braunig, Ja’Tovia M. Gary and Paul Anthony Smith , create an interesting dialogue. Even while separated into different areas of the gallery the edges overlapped and encountered each other. The sound of the video piece by Ja’Tovia M. Gary edging upon Paul Anthony Smith’s beads, these “walls without borders” playing off of the fluidity of Sascha Braunig’s paintings. All these carefully plotted interconnections has me considering how much the curation of shows is a concentrated practice. While at Agnes I have worked with many parts of putting on an exhibition, but this idea of creating a cohesive show throughout the gallery is something I have yet to experience.


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