week twelve (& thirteen) : the student show

This week we began work on the Student Show. The first step was deciding which works would go in which areas and then laying out a plan of where things could go. This part was somewhat simple, we divided up the gallery as we had for showing⏐thinking and divided the works by course. I worked with Sarah Emerson’s Art 160 classes.


After we installed all the works I came in on the day of the opening to help Leah light the show, but as we were installing the lights a tree fell on a line of the street and the power went out. Once it became clear that the power would not return in time for the gallery opening we gathered candles the Blackfriar’s had pulled from the prop shop and set them up in the front of the gallery.

While this was definitely an unconventional opening it was surely a memorable one. We served ice cream and still saw quite a crowd. After people had a chance to walk around Katherine and Nell handed out cords to the seniors and other awards and then announced that the school would be buying a few of the works for Agnes’ permanent collection.



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