Writing the Introduction

In Exhibition Process this week, I worked on writing the introduction for the Showing Thinking Catalog.  Before I wrote the introduction, I decided to read each personal statement again to find universal concepts that could represent each participant.  Based off my notes, I concluded that each participant was a collector of information.  Before there is a published work for the intended audience, the participants did research on their intended subject matter but made a connection to their own personal experience.  The combination between professional and personal experience shaped their identity as a person, which I found fascinating.

When I wrote my introduction I wanted the reader to also make a connection back to their personal lives if they were in academia or not.  In order to articulate that idea, I opened my introduction with “Everyone is a collector” and related that statement with social media and  family recipes, which creates memory and nostalgia.  In the second paragraph, I reference from my notes about the parallels between each Showing Thinking participant.  I argue that “our scholars at Showing Thinking attest that preservation is continuous and a process to self discovery”.

In the final paragraph, I decided to include basic information about Showing Thinking and how this is the first time the participants collaborated with students in our class.  The reason why I chose this structure is because in my Nonfiction writing course with Dr. Cozzens, she taught us the inverted triangle technique used in mainly news stories.  While the most important argument is the lead for the leaders, additional information is placed at the bottom.  Overall, I felt that my introduction was creative and original for the catalog, but I am unsure how my concepts will work with Kathryn.


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